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We have a range of recycled plastic products including, decking, Jetties, Jungle Gyms and we also provide quality artificial grass.

We’ve been creating high quality recycled plastic products 2005

Welcome to the Green Green Factory Shop! We offer high quality products at discounted prices direct to you! Our products are used in areas such as:

Municipalities, golf courses, horse race tracks and stables, beach fronts and holiday resorts, estates, schools and universities, sport facilities, nurseries, conference centers, hotels, mining, factories and workshops, farming, super markets, building industry, freight services and exporting, estates, courier companies, retail stores, restaurants, pubs, private residences, hospitals, municipalities and parks.

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All our recycled plastic products have a longer life span than wood counter parts. It is washable, cheap and easy to disinfect or clean. No nails or splinters, freezer friendly, stronger than wood, looks neat and tidy and are free of insects or termites, UV treated and inflammable.

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Recycled Plastic Products

Truly South African manufactured products that offers exceptional quality & value